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"I know all your graces

Someday will flower

In the sweet sunshower" -Chris Cornell


"I have found that I've come to appreciate things in their most pure and imperfect form. When I discover sacred places that have been untouched, or unchanged, and certainly not exploited, I have hope. The pristine high-country lake that isn't on a map, the bookstore at the end of a lonely street that smells like old, often-turned pages, the hole-in-the wall restaurant hidden by flowers and vines that serves exquisite food, the colorful palette of a field of wildflowers that nobody planted, an old photograph I took twenty years ago before digital cameras, worn, untouched and expressing many emotions. I love these things, and I hope that this site reflects these sentiments....imperfection - most definitely, but unalterably genuine.


I, just like many of you, am trying to navigate my way through this fragile life on a very trying planet that is always teaching us a lesson. I know what anxiety feels like. I know that we all need a little help once in awhile. And I am invested in lightwork and the preservation of our beautiful earth.

My hope is that this site will give you a place to rest. To breathe. To remember who you are. After all, it is our own imperfections that make us interesting. The world is full of pushing and pulling and in the midst of that, we sometimes lose our way. This is my sunshower circle - a place to find the best part of yourself..."


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