May 28, 2020

Life is feeling a bit more 'normal' these days. People are out and about. The park rings with voices and intermittent laughter. Restaurants have customers once again. Neighbors are getting together. This in itself is a revelation. Solitude by choice is uplifting. Solitude by force is eerie. Confinement debilitating. The psychological scars run deep.

And yet, while a thick fog lifts from over the earth, what remains does not resemble that which is familiar. A blanket of grief lingers…and perhaps will for some time. Uncertainty joins with a loss of dreams and plans. For our youth, cancelled rites of passage, lost opportunities, and a lack of closure as one school year bleeds seamlessly into the next leaves a feeling of being robbed...

March 17, 2020

The taste of metal is something I don’t desire…however, many times a week, I get a tinny, metal sensation in my mouth. This tends to coincide with what is happening in the sky. Yes, the sky.

How often do you look up at the sky each day? On my morning run, I’ve gotten into the habit of observing it, and what I’ve discovered isn’t new, it’s simply something most of us aren’t aware of. What appears to be airplane ‘contrails’, linger in the sky, many forming an 'X' in the air as they cross, some taking on a 'spine-like' appearance. After ten minutes or so, they spread out and after half an hour, have the appearance of an ‘interesting-looking’ cirrus cloud, which some textbooks are now including as a "new" type of cloud. Some look lik...

April 29, 2019

If you’ve ever spent time in a mountain valley, you know that there are days when the fog rolls in and settles. But if you’re so inclined, and want to hike a bit, simply ascending above the mist toward the summit of a mountain peak brings a completely new perspective.

On top of the mountain, the sun may be shining and the sky blue. Looking down below, you can see where you’ve come from…where you’ve traveled. And it is here, that you may realize how different vantage points provide altered perceptions.

Perhaps this is what we are experiencing in our current world. Cognitive dissonance, or mental discomfort, floods our vision as we grapple with conflicting, and at times, contradicting views. Pieces of information that in isolation,...

January 1, 2019

I recently read that as humans, only 0.005 of the possible frequencies available in our Universe are visible. That means we are more or less living our lives blind, missing nearly 100% of the infinite possibilities out there. It also indicates that a lot of what we are experiencing, is in the form of our own perception…a perception that can be easily manipulated.

That is why, as this year turns into the next, it is imperative that we listen to ourselves…deeply from within. It is critical that we are aware and ask questions. And it is even more important that we are gentle with ourselves.

This often requires attempting to see the whole picture. And lately, it’s been somewhat fragmented. But the key to seeing, is understanding...

July 29, 2018

I came across the following clip one morning quite randomly. It is a scene from the 1983 movie, The Right Stuff, and believe it or not, I remember watching it twenty (maybe thirty) plus years ago. But what pulled at me, and made me hang on to the clip for future reference, was the dichotomy between the late Sam Shepard’s character, Chuck Yeager, and the conspiring group of men wanting something from him - to break the sound barrier.

I pulled this clip up again today, and then realized, upon further research, that Sam crossed over a year ago yesterday. And as I believe in galactic synchronicity, I couldn’t let it go. Because watching the scene demonstrated something lost, but not out of reach. And that’s to do something because yo...

February 24, 2018

When I was in high school, I specifically remember one of my first encounters with a corporate take-over, even though I didn’t know what was happening at the time. Suddenly the local radio station that had a real, live D.J. and played a variety of music and even took requests, disappeared into the night. No more Jane’s Addiction or The Black Crowes. No Nirvana, Soundgarden or Pearl Jam.

It was replaced with a nation-wide, mainstream music station with hosts from somewhere far removed that played the same songs over and over again on a nauseating loop. And growing up in the mid-west, this was the only rock-ish station, and I mean only, that we could get. Depressing. Maybe this is what prompted my strong dislike for top 40 pop musi...

February 21, 2018

           With nothing more pressing to do on a cold, snowy day, I decided to work on my goal of sorting through clutter and down-sizing. Of course, this involves a trip to the past…something one must be in the mood for. What to keep…what to throw away. What to hang on to…what to leave behind.

            Unfortunately, I’m a sentimental pack-rat. This means it takes me ten times as long as it should to look through a few boxes. I did manage to condense a few tubs, but little was tossed. And that’s okay. I have saved notes, concert stubs, letters, cards, poems, planners, calendars, tons of pictures and odds and ends. Nostalgia...


December 26, 2017

In the classic holiday movie, “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”, we witness a father, Clark, who is determined to create the perfect family Christmas. Unfortunately, his excessively high expectations result in nothing other than a complete fail. Clark loses it. The pressure of hosting the perfect holiday, coupled with financial worries and a bickering family, results in a total meltdown.

He feels defeated, angry and like a complete loser. Luckily, because the movie is a comedy, all ends well. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that we live in a world where we may experience a range of emotions, during the holidays, and on a daily basis, similar to Clark’s.

Competition, feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing are bor...

November 22, 2017

In 1979, a man stole a 12 million dollar horse that was being mistreated by a powerful corporation that was using it as a branding mascot. Upon realizing the horse was being sedated, drugged and shot up with steroids that could make it sterile, the man took off on the horse, right down the Las Vegas strip and headed for the hills.

The man was semi-famous himself. A washed up old cowboy who was now selling breakfast cereal, trying desperately to be something he wasn’t, coping with his fake life with tequila. He was on the run…with the horse. In big trouble.

Now his story may not have ended up so well, if it hadn’t been for a savvy reporter who wanted a good story.

And she got one. Luckily, she was able to discover the best part of t...

November 12, 2017

This week our ninth grade son decided to leave school and walk home. In a typical situation, this might not be a big deal (except for the skipping school part). However, add in the fact that he is on the Autism Spectrum and walked 6.2 miles across Boulder’s concrete jungle, crossing major highways and busy streets, encountering several displaced strangers along the way, and relying only on his photographic memory, this was quite a feat.

After we got the call from the high school that he was “missing” and the cops were called, Mark jumped in the truck and went to look for him. I tried to take deep breaths, my mind racing. Luckily, two minutes later Mark called. “I’ve got him!” He was limping down the highway, just a block from hom...

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