May 1, 2017

 According to the book Touch, by Tiffany Fields, “touch” is our most social sense.  It requires interaction with others.  It prompts connection.  And it is a vital component to our health.  Without a parent’s touch, it is likely a baby will not develop appropriately.  Infants who don’t receive the nurturing touch of a caregiver may experience a “failure to thrive”. 

Early 1900 teachings of a well-known pediatrician (Dr. Luther Emmett Holt) who preached “hands-off” parenting, led to years of touch-deprivation for many children.   We know differently now, yet we sadly continue to live in a society where touch can be misinterpreted and even discouraged. Our daily lives have increasingly becom...

April 1, 2017

Teach your child how to balance his or her heart chakra.

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