And All You Create...

All this talk about the solar eclipse might get you thinking about the effect celestial bodies have on us. For example, the total solar eclipse may do more than just obscure the sun for a few minutes. The eclipse may influence our emotions, with some people reporting increased anxiety, strange dreams, sudden bursts of creativity, and even problems with relationships. It may make you feel lethargic and even mess with your digestion. Unbelievable!

In Astrology, the sun symbolizes our life force and creativity. And if you’re a Leo, like me, it is an especially powerful time of year.

Now think about the moon. It has the capability of effecting the ocean tides (with some help from the sun). The power of the sun and moon are very obvious. That’s what makes exploring the Zodiac so interesting.

The time, place and date you were born is unique. The heavens and everything within them were in a precise position the moment you came into the world, and knowing the power the sun and moon have on everyday life, it’s no wonder our astrological birth chart is a map to ourselves.

Most people are familiar with their sun sign, which is thought of as the ruler of one’s inner personality and soul. But do you know your moon sign and rising, or ascendant, sign? The moon sign reveals one’s emotional core and heart. And the rising sign, which is the zodiac sign that was rising in the East as you were born, reveals your outer personality.

So how do you find out these three intricate parts of yourself? It’s easy and fun! All you need is the time, date and place of your birth. Go to a site such as Astro Cafe and plug in your information. You will find out where the sun, moon and planets were positioned when you were born.

This is a really fun project to do with friends or with your children. My daughter can rattle off her entire chart and we made it extra special by printing out this free poster and decorating it. You can go as deep as you’d like, or keep it simple. Understanding the four elements - fire, earth, water and air - associated with the signs can also be quite revealing.

So enjoy the solar eclipse and take some time to find a little bit more about what makes you tic, thanks to the power of the celestial world above.