Empty is the New Full

As with most weeks, this one has been filled to the brim with homework, music practice, gymnastics, last minute Halloween costume crises, my husband’s birthday and trick-or-treating. Add in constant emails, phone calls, forms to fill out, first of the month bills, and a heavy serving of the American-consumerism-advertisement dietAdd in the usual screen diet of constant emails, phone calls, forms to fill out, first of the month bills, and a heavy diet of consumerism, and it’s enough to make most people’s heads spin. I’ve begun referring to my phone as “the crystal skull”.

If you’ve seen Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull, this analogy will make sense. At the end of the movie, the Russian scientist, Irina Spalko, speaks to the crystal skull demanding, “I want to know everything.” Unfortunately, the information she receives is more than she can handle and she disintegrates. A case of “too much information”.

Our minds and bodies are constantly being “filled”. This filling of information, some wanted and some definitely not, pulls at us. It pinches. It crushes. It depresses. And it rewires our minds.

I like to compare it to the two-car attached garage. Maybe you have one. It sits there empty at first, and slowly, gradually fills up. A car, a boat, boxes and tubs of unused items, books, a pile to give away, a pile to keep, add in tools, a few snowboards and skis, bikes, skateboards, sleds, old toys, broken items waiting to be fixed… You get the picture. Before you know it, the garage is full and you’ve forgotten what’s even in there. You’re unable to separate the things you actually value with the junk.

Most Americans can probably relate. And yet, this is also what has become of our minds. Time to sift through the crap. But how.

Let’s give space a try. Pure and simple space. When we allow ourselves to rest – be it a nap, meditation or a quiet unplugged walk, our mind’s clear. They empty. And like an unfilled chalice, we are open to receiving. Not the kind of information our phone’s and the internet give us, but heart centered information. The kind that comes from a Source greater than ourselves. And if we listen, we no longer have to try to “figure things out”. We intuit. We understand. This kind of knowledge comes from a place of purity. And suddenly, life isn’t so scary. We see through the pre-programmed ideas we’ve held on to. We see through the greed and ulterior motives we are subjected to on a daily basis.

Decrapifying our brains has another, incredibly powerful, benefit. The human brain creates waves of resonance when in a sleeping, daydreaming or meditative (alpha) state at about 7.83 Hz. This frequency is responsible for controlling human creativity, performance, stress, anxiety and the immune system.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Our beautiful planet, Earth, has an Earth Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hz. It’s the same. Dialing into this frequency through meditation promotes feelings of well-being and can help empty our over-filled brains. Keep in mind that a busy brain is functioning at 14-20 Hz. Once again, less is more here.

On a similar note, think about how you feel when you are constantly bombarded with cell-phone and wifi frequency (*artificial electromagnetic fields). If you’re sensitive, like me, after a while, you begin to feel anxious and stressed. Time to head for the hills. Yes, nature is natural peace of mind.

This week I've added the meditation, “Permission to Rest”, to the queue. May it help you to empty your mind and tap into a frequency of healing for yourself, others and our world.

*Update - now in 2018, we are facing an even greater challenge as 5G rolls out - a mitochondrial damaging entity. This is being presented as a "non-issue", but please research it. The consequences could be grave, as well as the "agenda" behind it.