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Being Gentle With Ourselves In a New Year

I recently read that as humans, only 0.005 of the possible frequencies available in our Universe are visible. That means we are more or less living our lives blind, missing nearly 100% of the infinite possibilities out there. It also indicates that a lot of what we are experiencing, is in the form of our own perception…a perception that can be easily manipulated.

That is why, as this year turns into the next, it is imperative that we listen to ourselves…deeply from within. It is critical that we are aware and ask questions. And it is even more important that we are gentle with ourselves.

This often requires attempting to see the whole picture. And lately, it’s been somewhat fragmented. But the key to seeing, is understanding that many, no, most of humanity’s problems, are not our fault. I witness numerous individuals, including myself, who are stressed out, tired, over-stretched and struggling. So much of this is due to the programming we have been covertly subjected to. And if we can see through this programming, well, we can ease up on ourselves, see through the illusion, and carry on with a life of freedom.

Freedom you say? Well, we are Americans, of course we are free. Or are we. A hidden agenda is much more difficult to identify than one, say, in a Hunger Games Society. And yet, they are one of the same.

To begin, our education system does a wonderful job of catering to left-brain thinking and the memorization of facts. These facts are similar to dots on a page – useless unless they are connected. But this is where the system fails. We do not make it a priority to teach kids to connect these dots, or ask questions – particularly why, where, and my favorite, how the hell is that possible? As adults, we often fail to ask these same questions, instead settling for the spoon-fed, text-book answer by relying on the “experts”.

So let's practice…a few ruminations to ponder and question:

  • How is it that approximately 85 people in the world have as much money as the rest of the world combined?

  • How is it that one, just one, of these elite families is estimated to be worth 400 trillion dollars? (And no, you're not going to see these people listed on Forbe's top-ten richest)

  • Consider that the general population doesn’t realize the world is controlled by a few, and that these few elites are comprised of tight rings, or secret societies, of power that run the world?

  • These secret societies, believed to be birthed by Cecil Rhodes, the British imperialist, have top people in charge, in every aspect of society, from corporations (Exxon, General Electric, AT&T, Monsanto, Big Pharma...), to mainstream media (Wall Street Journal, New York Post, ALL TV networks, Disney...), to financial institutions (the big banks...), to tax-exempt foundations (Brookings Institute, McArthur Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation...), and of course politics/government (a long list of Secretaries of State and Defense, CIA directors, etc., as well as military and political institutions, such as NATO and the UN).

And that’s just the beginning. Simply put, we are being programmed. Fear is the most effective weapon being used against us. How many of us allow our fears to circle through our minds to the point it drives us toward an anxiety attack, a dark depression, or simply feeling mundane? This is a huge issue with Americans. But where is this fear coming from?

If you think about it logically, much of it is derived from the list above – corporations, mainstream media, financial institutions and politics. If we take a look at the whole picture, it’s easy to see that our perceptions are being manipulated and controlled. For example, political candidates are two sides of the same coin held in the hands of a very small group of elitists. And yet, we turn on each other. And we turn on ourselves, because we often feel as if we aren’t living up to the “expectations” (lies) we have been fed.

We turn on ourselves for reasons we have no control over. The quality of our food has changed (not for the better – no, the wheat you may have eaten in the 1960s is not the same wheat you eat today), and the quality of our health care has deteriorated into a quick-fix system that heavily relies on drugs. These two often go together. We are being inundated by WiFi and cell tower radiation (including the newest thing - mitochondrial-damaging 5G), which we don't even know the effects of yet.

And Americans are addicted – to whatever comes to mind – the list may be endless. Regardless, addictions are so often the result of coping mechanisms used to deal with the programming, that the addicted individual should not to be entirely blamed. Addictions act as great distractions, or pacifiers, from the real problems that are occurring. This is by design. One can’t see the whole picture, when one’s eyes are looking at a screen, or glazed over from a substance. Again, this is no accident, and once we see it for what it truly is, the solution is obvious – we have to quit the insanity.

As the wise Yoda once said, “fear leads to the dark-side”. And it does. Our best connection to God, our Source, is through our heart chakra. It is a vortex of silence, stillness and love. Anger and fear close this chakra, and lower our vibration. And when it's closed, we forget who we really are…spirit. Plain and simple. It is imperative that we wake up and remember this…and begin to see through the programming that separates us from who we really are.

I could say so much more, but I "fear" I've said too much. And so as 2019 rolls in (or if you’re in Nepal, 2076, China, 4717, Saudi Arabia, 1439 – time is also an illusion - a tale for another time), let us see clearly. Let us keep our hearts open. Let us be kind to one another. And let us be gentle with ourselves.

I've looked at life from both sides now

From up and down and still somehow

It's life's illusions I recall

I really don't know life at all

-Joni Mitchell

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