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Goodbye Blue Sky

The taste of metal is something I don’t desire…however, many times a week, I get a tinny, metal sensation in my mouth. This tends to coincide with what is happening in the sky. Yes, the sky.

How often do you look up at the sky each day? On my morning run, I’ve gotten into the habit of observing it, and what I’ve discovered isn’t new, it’s simply something most of us aren’t aware of. What appears to be airplane ‘contrails’, linger in the sky, many forming an 'X' in the air as they cross, some taking on a 'spine-like' appearance. After ten minutes or so, they spread out and after half an hour, have the appearance of an ‘interesting-looking’ cirrus cloud, which some textbooks are now including as a "new" type of cloud. Some look like a cotton ball being stretched across the sky. These lines cross as planes fill in the sky, some going back and forth, many flying through existing clouds. I have even observed these expanding streams from planes at night across the moon. If I hadn’t been closely watching this phenomenon, I would have simply concluded clouds were moving into the area.

Unfortunately, these are not innocent contrails, formed by freezing water crystals that quickly dissipate within minutes…instead, they are chemtrails – emissions from jet air crafts releasing megatons of toxic waste, particularly coal fly ash (typically used in cements), into the air. And it’s been going on since the 1990s. Denied by the government for decades, it is now coming to light that, yes, they are spraying the air. Now it is called “geo-engineering’ and the rationale is to block out the sun’s light, all in the name of saving the planet from global warming. (More on that later)

But to truly understand how this all came about, and the sinister agenda behind it, we have to look back in time to America’s Operation Paperclip, which elicited nearly 1600 scientists, many who were former Nazis. One of the projects included working on atmospheric electricity and artificial ionization. In 1928 the Bush family bought a company called “Dresser Industries”. This company builds and sells coal fly ash equipment and services and is a key player in this operation.

Fast forward to 1996…Frank Wisner Jr., Secretary of State, whose father was a CIA top-ranked member of Operation Paperclip, issued a large-scale domestic spraying operation, sponsored by the CIA. Today, it is believed that the CIA manages this operation, (that some refer to as the New Manhattan Project). Linked to the management of the spraying is the Airforce, DARPA, NOA, NASA and Boulder’s own NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research).

So what are the implications of spraying coal fly ash, along with high proportions of aluminum and barium into our sky? For one, these substances are brain toxins that may contribute to Alzheimer’s and dementia, along with a host of other ailments, including, but not limited to, headaches, respiratory issues, exacerbated asthma, sinus issues, dry cough, brain fog, dry skin, attention problems and even digestive issues. The stuff sprayed into our sky falls in the form of rain and snow, seeping into the ground and entering our drinking water. There is also a snow-like substance called ‘chaf’ that is loaded with aluminum and enters through our respiratory system.

All right, enough doom and gloom. What can we do about this? First of all, be aware. This is happening world-wide. I had a coworker mention, ‘they don’t do this in Boulder…do they?’ Yes, they do (the pictures on this page were one's I took outside my door and I have many more). Nobody is exempt. And yet, too many people are looking down…preoccupied by phones, social media, and a host of other “distractions”. This is by design. And it’s been in the works for a very long time. (Read “A Brave New World Revisited"). Do your own research and contact your state and complain...or at least try. Remember that this a sinister agenda and the people behind this are not good. Those of us at the bottom of the pyramid must stand together - just 10% of us can make a difference.

Second, you can take supplements. My entire family takes magnesium (malate is supposedly best), which blocks the absorption of aluminum. Potassium is another depleted mineral we need.

Lastly, you can use organite and shungite to build cloud busters (equivalent to the middle-finger at the planes spraying this crap - contact me if you want to learn more, or just do a duck-duck go search).

A final thought, be cognizant that the counterargument for spraying will be to combat global warming. Again – do your research. Global warming terrified me a year ago, but upon expanding my reading, I’ve discovered that other planets are also warming due to solar flares. (An interesting twist). Be aware that hidden agendas are presented in promising solutions. Spraying our skies with harmful chemicals seems to be an "extreme” measure to stop the warming of our planet, not to mention the blocking of the necessary vitamin D and other healing properties our sun gives us. I've noticed the spraying operations, as of late, align with snowstorms. The technology is there to mess with our weather…so keep your eyes on the sky.


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