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Ascending Through the Mist

If you’ve ever spent time in a mountain valley, you know that there are days when the fog rolls in and settles. But if you’re so inclined, and want to hike a bit, simply ascending above the mist toward the summit of a mountain peak brings a completely new perspective.

On top of the mountain, the sun may be shining and the sky blue. Looking down below, you can see where you’ve come from…where you’ve traveled. And it is here, that you may realize how different vantage points provide altered perceptions.

Perhaps this is what we are experiencing in our current world. Cognitive dissonance, or mental discomfort, floods our vision as we grapple with conflicting, and at times, contradicting views. Pieces of information that in isolation, make little sense…the forest lost as we wander aimlessly around from tree to tree, unaware of where we are or where we are going.

We are living in a fog, trapped by an inundation of information. The same narrative is dictated from the powers-that-be that control all mainstream media and own every corporation that is known. This narrative is pushed…over and over…spun differently depending on the news source, but ultimately it is the same story. The story they want people to hear. Anything other than that, is discredited or simply not published. Censored.

The only way to rise above this narrative that we are being told is to start looking for a new vantage point. Fake news consists of most of the mainstream media and a good portion of the alternative media. But there are substantial sources that are telling us the truth. But who is moral enough to decide which is which? I for one, would like to make my own choices. I do not need Facebook or Google or the CIA determining what I can and cannot read.

We are living a life that has been socially-engineered and designed to be complex, difficult, confusing, and maddening. This is not okay. And we don’t have to take it. We can cling to simplicity. We can turn off mainstream media (that includes CNN and FOX – it’s all the same). We can disregard consumerism. And we can live our lives our own way – not dictated by those that hold the power and the money. Because as spiritual beings, we know that those things are not why we are here.

I often question if humanity has truly evolved. Some of the wisest words can be found in books that are well-over a hundred years old. But who reads anymore? We’ve become complacent. We’ve been too busy with our noses buried in our phones to realize that many of our basic freedoms have been taken away…and through coercion being dissolved. But nobody notices. The majority has been programmed to believe what they are told. This is no accident. It is the best means to control the population. However, I do not care to be a means to anything.

So, as my beloved Henry David Thoreau once said in Walden, “The Universe is wider than our views of it.”

Once you look, and once you explore, and once you begin to see things as they are…the fog will lift. The skies will be blue again and the sun will shine.

If you’re ready for a new vantage point, to rise above the mist and get out of the zoo, give these sources a try, or seek your own. That is true freedom…the choice to explore all options, unafraid of what you might discover.

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