Clarity, Not Chaos

March 18,2020

Year: 1992. Rolling Stones Magazine buys Nirvana suits to wear for their cover photo shoot. Kurt Cobain shows up in a T-shirt with the phrase “Corporate Magazines Still Stuck” strewn across the front of it. Yep, he had it figured out. Corporate media in general, then and now, is about selling a narrative. Cobain stated in an interview that 98% of what he said was misquoted. And corporate Rolling Stones continued the narrative, framing him as a depressed drug addict, but never diving deeper into the real facts surrounding his death. We could go down that rabbit hole…but we’ll save it for another time.

However, to question and think critically about events that don’t add up correlate well to Cobain, as well as present day. In the 1960s, the CIA coined the term “conspiracy theory” as a way to dismantle surrounding truths regarding the Kennedy assassination. And now it is used to discredit anyone who dares question the mainstream narrative.

So, about this Corona virus. It appeared out of nowhere and like a bulldozer, has mowed us all over. Chaos. Yep, that’s how it’s planned. Because when confusion arises, it’s much easier to lock down the population. This is perpetuated by corporate media. Fear. Terror. Death. And to question it? You take the risk of being shamed, discredited, and certainly blocked from corporate-owned social media. This was addressed during the "simulation" of the virus back in September, 2019. Not kidding. They knew the narrative must be repeated without question.

And so, I’m afraid this is a Big Brother drill. And we’ve all demonstrated how easily we can be controlled. Deep down, many of us know something isn’t right about this, but we can’t put into words why it isn’t, and most people don’t have the whole picture in sight. It’s planned that way. Bits and pieces deepen the confusion. Limited hang-outs (love that phrase!) where partial truth is hung out, yet masked in deception, is the ultimate propaganda tool.

On top of that, this is “in-real-time” drama. It's like a hit of adrenaline and it's addictive. The first thing many people do when they wake up is to see how far this virus has progressed and what new developments have occurred. Turn on the news. Check the internet. The phone. Email. The grocery stores. Yep – still no toilet paper.

Clear thinking isn’t easy. But I would guide anyone who questions this mess to check out *John Rappaport’s blog. He has detailed this “pandemic” from the beginning, even predicting it two years ago. And he’s done his research. He goes into depth about the inaccuracy of the PCR test that is being used, as well as many other factors involved. The important thing to remember, however, is that it’s difficult to grasp an alternative narrative when corporate media is pushing an entirely different one. The one they want everyone to believe. Any news organization that is owned by a multi-millionaire is to be doubted. Likewise, consider that we've all been prepped for this via Hollywood. I noticed that Netflix is running several "Outbreak"-esque movies this month.

And finally, ask where this is going. We are giving away our freedom. How many of these cases are actually COVID-19? What other factors are involved? The Italian National Institute of Health stated on March 13, "There may be only two people who died from coronavirus in Italy, who did not present other pathologies". And yet, there is a lock-down of 60 million people in that country. Something isn't adding up.

The vulnerable, as with any flu or virus, should be cautious. And it seems there are stronger strains in some areas than others. But for the majority, this disruption to “living” is an odd twist to an even stranger mysterious virus.

In the meantime, the economy is tanking, jobs are at stake, and the world is collectively in a state of fear and uncertainty. The technocracy has the reigns. As planned. Be prepared for these reigns to tighten. Be vigilant of Orwellian policies. And get ready.

However, with that said, the best thing we can do, is seek the truth, get outside and soak up the sun, take our Vitamin C, exercise, live cleanly, and most importantly, pull away from this fearful collective state. Find your inner truth. Hang on to your own unique imaginative self and create something wonderful. Restore the collective to beauty and love. And we will endure.

Food for Thought:

*Must watch! -

*Note that I have been having difficulty accessing Rappaport's blog as of late. This is predictable, as the powers that be do not want people exploring information that does not align with the "narrative". However, it is very telling that this information is considered a threat and therefore, censorship may occur.