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April 4, 2020

Do you remember the scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind where Roy and Jillian realize that the mysterious “illness” that has led to massive evacuations near Devil’s Tower, is a con to keep people out of the area? Gas masks. Dead cows lying in the field. Military police patrolling the area. This deleted scene from the movie might refresh your memory. Call it predictive programming, but this clearly demonstrates the power of fear and how it grips the masses. It has taken less than a month to lock-down the world. Less than a month to decimate the economy. This has happened quickly.

The point is – know who you are up against. I could go into depth about this, but I’ll choose to leave it at that. However, know that for over a century we’ve been living in a world that has high-jacked our social fabric through psychological programming. The propaganda of the 1940s is nothing compared to that of today. The field of psychology has been widely studied and those that know a thing or two about manipulating the mind, use it to their advantage. Today’s propaganda goes beyond what we can imagine, and I’m not just talking about the subliminal. The presence of AI, smart technology, and a zoo of information make it all that much easier to be manipulated…and that much harder to decipher our own thoughts from that of the collective. A normal person’s heart-strings will tug at the thought of innocent lives lost and won’t question it. But know that the conductors of this world depend on that exact response.

With that said, the book 1984 by George Orwell wasn’t just fiction. It was a warning. Orwell was an insider, a part of the Fabians, a secret society whose symbol was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you haven’t read it, or it’s been awhile, note that the book is a dystopian tale in which a society is nothing but free, everything is inverted, and Big Brother is always watching. It’s worth a read or revisit, because those who observe on the fringe, know its coming, if not possibly here.

So, a couple of questions to ask. Why is the world emulating communist China in their response to this virus? Why was there a ‘simulation’ of the virus 6 months ago and what did Bill Gates have to do with it? What does a paper published in 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network, outlining a pandemic that would annihilate the economy, have to do with today? (Please note that when I searched this topic on Google nothing appeared on the first page. On Duck-Duck go I had several links straight away) Why is WHO (a Rockefeller founded and Bill Gates funded organization) calling the shots? Who is Imperial College and where are they getting their numbers?

As far as the virus itself? Well, what is an exosome and why is it possibly being confused with the coronavirus in labs? (Check out Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s excellent research on this!) How is it exosomes and Covid-19 look identical, have the same diameter in and out of a cell, same ACE-2 receptors, and are both found in lung fluid? Why did James Hildreth, MD write in his research that a virus and exosomes are the same thing? Why are a multitude of deaths being blamed on the coronavirus, and not a primary cause (cancer, heart disease, etc.)? Why are they relying on the RT-PCR test which is giving numerous false positives (80% false positives!)? Why isn’t it explained that ventilators can lead to pneumonia, and that people with certain heart issues shouldn’t be on anti-virals?

Why is there a correlation with messing with the earth’s electro-magnetic field (5G) and this virus? (Consider that a body’s response to electromagnetic radiation can be the release of exosomes! In addition, fear and stress release them as well!) Why has the 5G roll-out gone crazy all of a sudden? Why has Elon Musk been approved for a million ground antennas on the planet to interact with Space X satellites (potentially 42,000 to be released)? What is the deal with the Federal Reserve (private banking cartel) and Treasury now in lockstep? Why are the less-than-1% getting bailed out again?

Lastly, why are the elderly having to die alone (could that scenario be any worse?)

I could go on with the questions, but the biggest one is where is this going? There are many theories. However, when you take a step off the beaten path, bushwhack through the unknown, and seek the answers to these questions, critical thinking seeps in. And all is not as it appears. Don’t give up your freedom. Maintain your dignity. Fear not. Arm yourself with knowledge. Your individual answers to these questions I have posed may be different than mine, and that's perfectly okay. The point is that we are all trying to find answers and that we are asking questions, not idly sitting by as the Hunger Games begin. And when you’ve reached the point of “I’ve had enough of this”, then say so.

I’ll leave it at this:

In 1994, Rockefeller was quoted at a U.N. dinner as saying, “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” –Taken from Collective Evolution.

As I sign off, know that fear is contagious. That gloom settles. And our best hope, is to shake it off, hug those we love, appreciate the natural beauty of this world (because it’s real when nothing else seems to be), pray often, listen to the birds sing, and trust in the Divine to hold this world in His hands.

Why do we never get an answer

When we're knocking on the door?

Because the truth is hard to swallow

That's what the wall of love is for -Moody Blues

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