Birds-Eye View

April 25, 2020

When we lived in Boulder, depending on the direction we were looking, we saw starkly different views. Facing the west, we could see the Flatirons and the tip of Long’s Peak, the foothills and the Divide in the horizon. Turning to the east, we viewed the plains stretching out to infinity. Clearly, based on the direction we were facing, these views might suggest we were not even living in the same state. But if we were to fly over Boulder, it would be clear. We were in Colorado.

I’ve noticed a similar correlation to what has been happening with the latest Sars-Covid-19 pandemic. Now, I will preface this with the fact that in our household, we don’t have television and don’t watch mainstream media. Nor are we republican or democrat, or anything for that matter. But what I have noticed is that depending on which station you’re tuned to, what news one reads, and what political affiliation one associates with, the view of the pandemic is as different from mountains to plains. And yet, these views, if they have evolved from mainstream media (msm), are clearly isolated to the same location. The media is owned by the same people.

It is only when one stops moving from left to right, and begins moving up and down, that a glimpse of the truth may be spotted. This entails a birds-eye view…but where to find it. You’re going to have to go off the grid. Get in your plane and start flying…

We can begin with who influences the media. This is much more complex than I have time to elaborate on. However, a quick search and you’ll find that, as of 2009, nearly all major media corporations had at least one board member that was also on a drug company board. Enter Big Pharma. We can from there see bill gates…who according to the media, is an expert on everything from agriculture (GMOs) to education (Common Core) to health care (vaccines).

Our birds-eye view zeroes in on Gates’ connection to the World Health Organization (WHO) in which he is the second biggest funder. This leads us to his connection with Fauci (who hasn't seen a patient in 20 years) and a long list of players within the pharmaceutical industry getting paid a lot of money. Is it possible to be told the truth about anything that is controlled by Big Pharma, technocrats such as Gates, and paid-to-play politicians? I don’t think so. (Check out this article where doctors in the field contest the numbers and advocate for ending the lock-down). The most we can hope for via msm is partial truth spun into a confusing narrative that leaves us knowing…nothing. As planned. Fear is one of the greatest control tactics. (You don’t get vaccinated and you’ll die). Period. Guilt is another one. (You don’t get vaccinated and you’ll kill someone). Never mind the newest stats indicating that the chance of dying from Covid-19 is less than the flu which has a vaccine.

In order for light to be spread on the situation, it is critical that we abandon the vantage point in which we stand and turn to see another. Turning off the TV? Well, that may not be easy, but we can turn off the news which is like playing the slot machines - you never know what 'breaking news' you might find every time you turn it on. Explore. Seek. Ask questions. Read.

It is predicted that the unemployment rate currently exceeds that of the Great Depression. Having just finished reading, “The Grapes of Wrath”, this is concerning on many levels. Not only is that book beautifully written and disturbing, and I shall never forget it, but it explicitly describes extreme destitution and poverty on a profound level. The Joad family somehow maintained hope, even though at every turn along the path they were faced with death, starvation, wages that would barely buy a piece of meat, living conditions consisting of tents and box cars that leaked or flooded with the rains, and injustice all around. Steinbeck was clearly sending a message regarding the migrants of the 1930s. “These people need help!”

Today, the government is “providing” help and it is needed, although we may never see the end of such a vast debt. One problem leads to a solution that leads to another problem. What is going on? Perhaps the level of starvation and loss of home and life won’t succumb to the astounding number poverty during the Great Depression, but many will find themselves in a desperate situation. (The number of deaths during the Great Depression is debatable depending on your source. Note that many poor couldn’t afford to pay a coroner, let alone a burial site, so we can see how a projected number may not be accurate. Sound familiar? However, some speculate as many as 7 million.)

Desperation leads to weak boundaries. People who are beaten down are vulnerable. Is this the plan? To divide and conquer? Confuse and isolate? For if we stand for nothing, what do we have left? Certainly not a democratic society. We will be owned, and not by our own accord. Any semblance of what our forefathers fought for – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – will dissolve into a technocracy in which “we the people” have no voice. Instead, appointed experts, such as Gates will call the shots. We risk censorship (already happening), surveillance (check), mandated vaccines and immunity passports (its coming?), and a host of regulations. Many of these will, perhaps, take us down the road to trans-humanism and a world with AI. They are already demonstrating the capabilities of this - education, medicine, retail, restaurants, etc. have all been transitioned toward an online presence. The tourism industry is in ruins...I suppose they expect us to take virtual vacations. Well, I for one, can't do it. I like fresh air, trees and sunshine too much.

On a final note, I’d like to reference a book written in 1958 by Aldous Huxley (another Fabian member like Orwell and insider) called “Brave New World Revisited”. This book, as I was telling my husband, is a road map to the future and is more or less reflections from the prophetic novel of the same name written in 1931. He discusses an array of relevant subjects and concludes that pure science leads to applied science that evolves into technology. He discusses television: “For the new technique was aimed directly at them, and its purpose was to manipulate their minds without their being aware of what was being done to them.”

He also addresses “education for freedom” in an entire chapter, stressing that children need to be taught that which is meaningful and meaningless and to identify propaganda. An emphasis on facts AND values should be implemented. He ends this chapter saying: “Meanwhile, there is still freedom left in the world. Many young people, it is true, do not seem to value freedom. But some of us still believe that, without freedom, human beings cannot become fully human and that freedom is therefore supremely valuable. Perhaps the forces that now menace freedom are too strong to be resisted for very long. It is still our duty to do whatever we can to resist them."

Think on that…written in 1958. What is happening today has been planned for a while. Statistics aside, this virus-pandemic, regardless of one’s views, may be the means to something bigger and more ominous. It is only when we look from the vantage point that allows us to see the whole picture that it starts to make some sense. I’ll leave with a link to an incredibly eerie and cryptic message by George Orwell on his deathbed from the BBC. Listen.

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