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And These Are the Days of Our Lives...

May 3, 2020

I had to look up the date for this one. It was June 1, 1984, so I was eight-years-old. For some reason, we were at my Grandpa Ted’s hardware store in Brady. A ‘big event’ from Days of Our Lives was happening, so we were crowded into my grandma’s air-conditioned office watching a tiny television while Bo kidnapped Hope from her wedding with Larry. It was classic. I found a clip to watch for fun here.

However, every Days of our Lives fan knows about the most infamous villain of all time…Stefano Dimera. Stefano was a disturbing force lurking in the shadows, capable of tearing apart our favorite couples, kidnapping our most beloved characters and brain-washing them, sometimes creating a long-lasting amnesia. He somehow had the resources to conduct plastic surgery that changed a character’s face, and was an overall menace, manipulating the lives of the people of Salem.

Now, while this may seem purely fictional, we have to take a look at what is really going on in our present world. The Stefano of today is not one character, but a small group of manipulators who are controlling the chess board, and this includes ALL the pieces, not just one side. Chances are good we will never see the faces or know the names within this dark cabal, but we feel the aftermath of their chess moves. Politicians, corporate CEO’s, technocratic experts, world bankers – these are the pieces they move around. And we, the people, are shuffled across the board…nothing more than pawns. They own and play both sides, so even if you think you’re on the winning one, they can make a move to change the outcome.

To demonstrate how crazy this is, consider the simulations that were conducted for the past twenty years regarding a virus-outbreak. I’ll sum up this article by Mikia Freeman. Let’s see…there was “Dark Winter”, the bioweapon anthrax simulation of 2001, “The Project Bioshield Act” of 2004 which ushered in $5.6 billion dollars for vaccines, “Lockstep” (Rockefeller Foundation) of 2010 outlining a response to a viral pandemic, USNORTHCOM of 2017 warning of a potential “novel influenza”, Crimson Contagion of 2019 simulated a virus starting in China and ending up in Chicago, and of course Event 201 which happened on October 18, 2019. Event 201 was hosted by, you guessed it, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was a virus pandemic simulation and all the players were invited – WHO, CDC, the U.S., China, and Big Pharma, among others. During this sim, there was even a “mainstream news” simulation as to how the virus would be reported, with the condemnation of those who questioned it. It would be inferred that China would be the model for the world. The United States would be an example of ‘what not to do’. Let that sink in. The ‘Land of the Free’ (which is now debatable), would be the example of what not to do.

We’re all holding out for a hero, but maybe what we don’t realize, is that there is no politician or ‘expert’, statistician, or celebrity that will ever save us. They are pieces in the game and they are not capable of saving us from what is happening in this world. Not from each other. Not from ourselves. It’s only when we decide to unite as individuals, not as numbers, not as one-size-fits-all automatons, that we can have any chance of taking back the game.

Our basic rights, the first ten-articles of the constitution, are shriveling. The constitution, although not perfect, is our anchor. But presently, we are adrift and the waves are increasingly getting rougher. We cannot see the shore. Nobody seems to know how to navigate with the stars and the GPS is broken. The liberty tree is withering up and dying. It is only by the will of the people, and perhaps Divine intervention, that we can bring it back to life.

I realize the uncertainty. I think most of us are tired of feeling like we’re living in a soap opera with a script we didn’t write. But based on the skewed numbers, inconsistent death certificate labels, the fact that this virus has never been isolated (the tests still only test for a genetic substance – not a virus – which is identical to a natural immune response in the form of an exosome) and is far less deadly than initially projected (0.03% chance of dying which is less than the flu), we can more or less reason that this is part of the chess game. The virus was a big move. The question, is whether or not we are willing to continue playing, or get off the board.

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