Touch Medicine 4 Kids

Touch Medicine 4 Kids is a groundbreaking and transformational program that connects body, mind and spirit.

Gentle guidance and support is offered, teaching parents step-by-step, and making massage easy to learn. The thoughtful courses were designed for all learners, coming from a space of self-expression, interpretation, and non-judgement.

To begin, simply click on the Introduction. The content builds on previously learned skills, so for best results it is advised that you follow the modules in order, practicing the techniques and reviewing as needed. Progress to the video library to learn more! 

Getting Started

Discover Touch Medicine!
How to Begin
Learn how to set up your massage sessions with your child. It’s easy!
Bolstering aligns the joints, making the massage experience comfortable.
Adjusting Pressure
How do you adjust pressure for kids of varying sizes, ages and needs? Find out!
Caution Sites
Learning the caution sites on the body is critical in order to avoid vulnerable areas.
Learn how to communicate with your child no matter what their age or verbal ability.
Learn which conditions are contraindicated, or not advisable for massage.
Rocking is a natural technique to soothe and calm children of all ages. Plus, it’s a kid favorite!
Compressions are a great technique to introduce your child to massage!
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Basic Skills

Arm Compressions
Learn several different techniques for providing arm compressions. This firm, consistent pressure feels great!
Intro to Acupressure
What is acupressure? Learn how this form of Traditional Chinese Medicine can help create balance and harmony in the body.
Acupressure for Arms
Learn four key acupressure points on the arms and hands and find out the amazing things they can do!
Acupressure for Back
Work the Bladder and Kidney meridians down the back, soothing your child into a state of relaxation.
Scalp Massage
Another kid favorite, scalp massage eases away tension and settles the child into a state of deep relaxation!
Acupressure for the Head
Learn five acupressure points for the head to help ease varying ailments.
Massage for Hands
The hands have numerous pressure points that when worked, ease tension throughout the entire body.
Massage for Feet
Learn a series of techniques to make massage for the feet fun and enjoyable.
Clothed Petrissage
Petrissage is the lifting, kneading and squeezing of muscles.
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Adding Technique

Basic Swedish 1
Learn effleurage, a type of gliding stroke, with oil or lotion on your child’s back!
Basic Swedish 2
Apply petrissage, lifting, kneading and squeezing the muscles, with oil and lotion on your child’s back.
Feather Strokes
This one is super relaxing and great for smaller bodies that can’t take a lot of pressure.
So what is tapotement? Find out how this skill can assist in alleviating symptoms of respiratory illnesses and asthma.
Seated Massage
Learn to apply your skills with your child in a sitting position.
Five Minute Routine
Learn a basic five minute massage routine covering the backside of the body.
Ten Minute Routine
This ten minute massage routine will allow your own unique massage style to shine through!
Leg Compressions 1
earn how to provide compressions to the back of the legs, with a focus on the hamstrings and calf muscles.
Leg Compressions 2
Complete a whole body massage by learning compressions for the front of the legs.
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